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Beautiful and eco friendly!! Great shoes!

Amazing comfort so much better than I could have imagined and no need to break in the shoes they are comfortable immediately. They clean up easy and are really stylish.

Men's Lace Up | Black
Casey (Roseburg, US)
Fit: True to Size
OMG The Comfort

I was really skeptical about trying out a new shoe brand because I’m really picky and honestly these shoes are insanely comfortable. The sole is so cushioned I felt the comfort immediately. I didn’t have to break them in and they really do cleanup easy. I love them!

So comfortable right out of the box. Love these shoes baby!!!

Super comfortable, this is my second pair and my new favorite sneaker company. I plan to keep getting my sneakers from here and getting major discounts from using their Super Circle recycling program (it's free and they give you up to $65 off per order, you should try it!).

I like that there's an option to pay a little more to offset a lot of carbon emissions that would otherwise be produced from my order.

I like that they're made out of recycled material that can be sent back to be recycled, and that they come in a variety of colors.

Women's Lace Up | White
Julia G. (Brooklyn, US)
Fit: True to Size
Only white sneakers I ever wear

Love the circular nature of this company. Deeply believe in the mission. AND the shoes hold up extremely well ( I wore them 70% of the year for 2.5 yrs before I got a new pair). If you’re like me, all white shoes look pretty similar, so why not wear shoes that are sustainable!

Women's Slip On | White
Katie W. (Savannah, US)
Fit: True to Size
Love These Shoes!

I love wearing these! I wear them almost daily, and they still look great and white. The material has a little wear bend in them but they're in great condition, even with how often they are on my feet. I had an order with the first pair I received but received a second one as an exchange in no time! I usually wear a 7.5-8 and ordered a size 8, which fits perfectly.

Women's Lace Up | White
Mia R. (Crown Point, US)
Fit: True to Size
Perfect sneaker for work!

I was looking for a leather sneaker that I could wear to work with my smart casual / business casual outfits. They look great with jeans and dress pants! These shoes are extremely comfortable, and I am proud to tell people they are from a sustainable company. Definitely worth the purchase.

Men's Lace Up | White-Hot Pink
Emily D. (Newark, US)
Fit: True to Size
So Comfortable!

These are the most comfortable sneakers I've ever worn- I'm even wearing them while writing this review! I wear them practically everyday and they're great for daily tasks. I was able to get $65 off because I sent in clothes that weren't in good enough condition to wear that they recycled and gave me credit for. When I need a fresh pair, I'll send my current pair back in the box they came in and get another set from here. I recommend you get a pair for yourself and see how comfortable they are!

Women's Court | White-Black
Dorothy P. (New York, US)
Fit: Large
Sent back

Love your shoes . Sent one back for was off. Sent back to me . Asked for another wrong color se t . No response from you kept the black . Finally resent back the wrong fit and hope it makes it to you

Women's Slip On | White-Pink
yuying f.B. (Worcester, US)
Fit: Small
Nice but love lace up better

It is supposed to be slip on, but it is bit difficult to really slip on. Slip on hole is not big enough for an easy slip on. Like the lace up styles better, hope for more colors to buy another pair!!!
lace up colors to come out!!!

Recyclable Laces | Sole Yellow
M.K. (Henderson, US)
Fit: True to Size
Perfect Match

The colors of the laces and the shoe accents is a perfect match. Adds a fashionable flare.

Men's Lace Up | White
Ryan (Chicago, US)
Fit: True to Size
Squeaky + Tight Toe Box

I have owned the Court for 1+ years and now the Lace Up for a month. I remember a relatively tight toe box on the Court, but it has broken in nicely and fits my feet well after a lot of wear. The toe box on the Lace Up, however, feels tighter and less likely to break in the same way. I would love if there was a wider foot option. I also love the way these shoes can be cleaned so easily, but I think something about that feature makes them unbelievably squeaky. My Court shoes squeaked a lot when I first purchased them, then went away for a while, and has returned in the last few months of wear for some reason. My Lace Up shoes seem to squeak even louder than I remember the Court shoes sounding. I feel uncomfortable wearing these in a relatively quiet office because people can hear me coming from a mile away. Will be wearing them exclusively elsewhere until the squeaking dies down a little.

Fit: True to Size
Great Fashion Sneaker

Comfortable and stylish! Perfect for everyday wear, or as a dress sneaker.

Women's Court | White-Black
alyssa b.p. (Birmingham, US)
Fit: Large
Gift for daughter

This was a gift for our daughter. They did not fit and when she returned them she had to pay for the return. We are still waiting for our refund! It’s been over 10 days since she returned them!

Women's Court | White-Starstruck Yellow
Jodi C. (Los Angeles, US)
Fit: True to Size
The best

I love these shoes so much. I've been looking for the perfect vegan sneaker and can finally say i've found it.

Women's Lace Up | White-Flame Red
yuying f.B. (Boston, US)
Fit: Small
Love it easy to clean and comfy

I purchased half size up and it fit perfectly.
Love the simple clean design look. Only complaint is the tongue a bit too long and stiff that takes away one star.

Fit: True to Size

I bought these for a trip to Italy. Worn them a couple of times to break them in. They are very comfortable, minimal break in time.

Carbon Neutral Order
Sophie B. (Cambridge, US)
Fit: True to Size
Go-To Shoes!

I love these so much & wear them all the time! Comfy, versatile, & I feel good about the fact that they won’t end up in a landfill. Easy to send back to recycle, too!

Men's Lace Up | White
James A. (New York, US)
Fit: True to Size

Men's Lace Up | White

Women's Lace Up | White-Black
Andrea B. (Chicago, US)
Fit: True to Size

Comfortable day one. Very bright white.

Carbon Neutral Order
Jayse M. (Atlanta, US)
Fit: True to Size
So comfy!

I absolutely love what y’all have going on here. The shoes are so stylish, extremely comfortable, and most importantly environmentally friendly. I had been searching forever for someone that would just accept all kinds of textile waste. I never expected to get anything so nice in return for it! Truly a great product that I can’t stop recommending to my friends

Carbon Neutral Order
Monica D. (Nashville, US)
Fit: True to Size
My best friend during 1+ month of travel, no break-in time

I took the risk of purchasing these shoes before over a month of travel across Europe and the Middle East. From trekking through airport after airport, across busy cities, up and down desert dunes, these shoes were PERFECT. I had no break-in time and no blisters despite putting these shoes through the wringer. They remained extremely comfortable, easy to slide on and off when needed, and looked cute the whole time. I can not recommend these shoes highly enough – buy them!!

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